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Key Information Summary (KIS) Newsletter – Jan 2013

The Jan 2013 newsletter for NHSScotland’s Key Information Summary (KIS) is now online.  It focuses on the KIS rollout schedule and updates from all end user systems.

Find out more about what NISG does for ECS, ePCS and KIS.


For more detail about KIS, please see the Clinical FAQ’s document here: 2013-02-14 KIS FAQ’s v2.3

KIS Patient FAQ’s

A Patient FAQ’s has also been developed. This is to be used in conjunction with the Patient Leaflet and is targeted specifically at patients. It is available here: 2013-04-05 KIS Patient FAQ’s v2.0

KIS Patient Leaflet

The KIS Project Team have developed a Patient Leaflet. It is available here: 2012-10-09 KIS Patient Leaflet v1.0