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What we do

The NISG Telecoms Team provides telecommunications support for all NHSScotland organisations and health partners.  We offer technical advice and guidance, registration services, such as Domain Name Services, IP addressing, firewall and router filtering support and change management.

We manage and monitor the quality of products and services provided by suppliers and ensure that they meet service level standards.

N3 Scotland

NISG provides support for NHS N3, one of the largest computer networks in the world.

N3 enables all national applications, for example ECS, SCI, CHI, PACS.  It provides the networking infrastructure which allows all NHSScotland organisations to communicate electronically via data, voice, video, messaging and other IT application services.


NISG Telecoms provides support to pharmacists and dentists to enable applications such as the electronic Minor Ailment Service (eMAS).

The benefits

  • NISG minimises the impact on patient services by ensuring that network faults are resolved swiftly.
  • N3 improves the health care of our armed forces as it is used by medical centres in barracks, providing access to SCI Store for health screening services.
  • Patients can use a community pharmacy as their first port of call for the treatment of common illnesses.
  • Pharmacists and dentists receive their NHS payments electronically.

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NISG Telecoms website: http://www.nhsnet.scot.nhs.uk/ (N3 connection required)

N3 Scotland website: www.n3.nhs.uk/n3scotland