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What we do

The National Information Systems Group (NISG) provides security and assurance services for national NHSScotland information systems.  We ensure the security of the N3 network in Scotland and offer a security consultancy service to NHS Boards for the purposes of maintaining the confidentiality, availability and integrity of NHSScotland’s health data.

We support national initiatives such as eCare and work on a day-to-day basis with NHSScotland national systems to identify and improve secure service delivery, for example SCI Gateway and PACS.

The benefits

Understanding how to secure our systems enables NHSScotland to use current technology to improve delivery of patient care, ranging from presenting information securely on the internet, to enabling the use of mobile technologies such as 3G and smart phones to communicate on the move.

NISG website for information security community in NHSScotland: http://www.security.scot.nhs.uk/?page_id=61 (N3 connection required)