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SCI Outpatients

SCI Outpatients is designed as a complete Appointment Scheduling system capable of managing all aspects of the patient’s journey, from the booking of an appointment (including remote direct booking by GPs), through patient record management to the generation of a Clinic Outcome Letter, which can be sent direct to the GP via SCI Gateway. The system allows staff to view data according to their requirements, i.e. it can be used in patient-centric, clinic-centric or referral-centric mode. The system integrates with SCI Store and supports the collection of clinical data and the generation of SMR 00, ISD (S)1 and New Ways reports.

Features and Benefits

  • Supports all aspects of the patient’s Outpatient journey
  • Comprehensive and highly flexible security model
  • Online remote electronic appointment search and booking
  • Integration with Patient Access Schemes (PAS) via SCI Store
  • Electronic management and vetting of referrals
  • Flexibility of clinics, appointments and booking management
  • Allied Health Professional (AHP) specific module that meets the recording requirements of the AHP National Clinical Datasets Development Programme (NCDDP) Dataset

SCI website: http://www.sci.scot.nhs.uk/