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SCI Discharge

SCI Discharge is designed as a compact clinical system capable of incrementally recording a patient’s stay from their Admittance as an Inpatient or Day Patient through to their Discharge.  As part of the system’s functionality, multi-disciplinary teams can contribute to the recording of Diagnosis, Treatments, Tests and Medications thus building up a complete record of the patient’s care experience during an episode of care. As the episode completes, the system also enables the recording of Discharge information, printing of a local Immediate Discharge Letter and importantly, the sending of an electronic copy of the letter to the GP (and/or other referrer) via SCI Gateway. The system is secure and very configurable to meet the needs of the service.

Features and Benefits

  • Incremental recording of events during patient’s stay
  • Used securely by multi-disciplinary teams – a complete picture can be built up which is available to all those involved in the patient’s care
  • Interfaces with SCI Store to retrieve patient demographics
  • Medication can be recorded for pre-admission, once only, current and Discharge drugs
  • Previous episode records can be accessed easily
  • GP can have the electronic Immediate Discharge Letter prior to patient leaving hospital
  • Can generate subsequent electronic Final Discharge or other relevant letters, e.g. Community Nurse care information

SCI website: http://www.sci.scot.nhs.uk/