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National Managed Clinical Networks Clinical Audit System

What we do

The NISG Solutions and Applications Services (SAS) team has been working with the National Services Division (NSD) to deliver a clinical audit system to the National Managed Clinical Networks Scotland (NMCN). NMCNs are linked groups of health professionals from primary, secondary and tertiary care, who work together across health boards to improve the quality of care and often the life span of patients.

NISG provided project management, development and testing services as well as user training.  National Services Scotland (NSS) is hosting the system and NISG has a commission from NSD to support and maintain it.  The SAS team, will provide regular upgrades, system enhancements and ongoing project management.


The NMCN Clinical Audit System (NMCNCAS) is a web-based system which can  be accessed by authorised NHS staff anywhere in Scotland across the NHS N3 connection.  It allows NMC Networks to record patients’ demographic, referral, encounter, intervention, test result and medication information in one place and supports reporting, through both standard reports and Business Objects.

The benefits

The data recorded in the NMCNCAS allows the Networks to evidence the benefits and improvements in the quality of care that they deliver to patients.  The evidencing also enables the Scottish Government to see where Networks are having a positive impact on patient care and quality of life and as such informs the level of funding received by National Networks.

Want to know more?

Please contact Pam McVeigh, Department Manager – New Business, NISG, at pmcveigh@nhs.net.

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