What we do

The National Information Systems Group (NISG) was responsible for implementing NHSmail across NHSScotland and continues to manage the support and maintenance services.

What NHSmail is

NHSmail is the secure national email, diary and directory service for NHS staff.   It also offers an SMS (Short Message Service) gateway and fax service.  Over 70,000 staff in Scotland use NHSmail via the NHS N3 national broadband network.

Accessible from any internet connected computer and mobile device, NHSmail can be used by authorised staff at work, home or on the move.

The benefits

  • NHSmail enables SMS appointment reminders to be sent to patients, so appointments sessions are more efficient and effective.
  • By providing security assurance, NHSmail reduces the risk to clinical and business communications.
  • NHS staff enjoy faster communications.
  • It facilitates collaborative working across NHSScotland.

NHSMail service website: http://www.directory.scot.nhs.uk/ (N3 connection required)