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What we do

The NISG Ensemble Development Team is the leading national expert resource in the use, hosting and support of the Ensemble product in NHSScotland.

The team recently completed a challenging commission from the Scottish Government Health and Social Care (SGHSC) Directorates’ eHealth Programme – on time and within budget – and is working on several significant assignments.

What Ensemble is

Ensemble is the national IT integration platform for NHSScotland. Utilising software elements called ‘adapters’ allows Ensemble to communicate with a wide variety of applications, technologies and data sources.  This enables the efficient standardisation and re-use of components and the integration of existing eHealth applications.

Ensemble Services

Examples of recent work:

  • Developing a range of national adapters for SCI Store and SCI Gateway which are live in several NHS Boards;
  • Migrating existing NISG eLinks applications to Ensemble from the previous Clearspan platform;
  • Developing a proof of concept demonstrator model for a generic breast screening solution;
  • Developing Ensemble interfaces for the new NHSScotland electronic Employee Support System (eESS) in partnership with Atos Origin Alliance and InterSystems;
  • Providing an integration layer between instances of the clinical audit system across individual National Managed Clinical Networks (NMCNs).

The benefits

  • Having a suite of national adapters significantly eliminates duplication of effort in NHS Boards, standardises the approach to delivering national integration solutions and minimises the impact on other systems when upgrades and changes are required.
  • Adopting a generic approach is in line with the national eHealth strategy of re-using existing IT systems where possible, rather than developing several similar systems.
  • Building expertise within NHSScotland reduces the requirement for outsourced assistance and maximises the Scottish Government’s investment in the Ensemble platform.
  • Cost savings can be re-directed towards improving patient care.

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