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Emergency Care Summary

What we do

NISG has led the design and implementation of the Emergency Care Summary (ECS) since 2004.

We deliver two key services for the ECS.  Through Project Management we deliver projects and changes to the system, and we ensure the safe running and day-to-day management of ECS through our Solution Stewardship service. 

What ECS is

The ECS provides a summary of demographic, allergy and medication information for 5.5 million patients in Scotland.

It enables Out of Hours, Accident and Emergency, NHS24, the Scottish Ambulance Service and Acute Receiving Unit clinicians access to important patient information in emergency and unscheduled care situations.

ECS also holds and shares Palliative Care Summary (ePCS) information on resuscitation, patients’ wishes and place of care with the aim of reducing the number of end-of-life patients taken to hospital unnecessarily. 

The benefits

  • By providing a fully available system of patient critical information, NISG is helping speed up consultation time in NHS24 as well as providing important information in emergency and out-of-hours care environments.
  • ECS significantly improves patient safety in unscheduled and out-of-hours care, it reduces administration and saves clinical time in consultations.
  • Enhancements in the form of a new ECS development, the Key Information Summary (KIS), will provide efficiency and cost savings for Health Boards, and will improve patient safety by reducing errors.  

ECS website: http://www.ecs.scot.nhs.uk/ (N3 connection required)

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