What we do

The NISG eLinks team manages the implementation of eLinks and provides ongoing expert support and maintenance to agreed service level standards.

What eLinks is

Developed initially for GP clinical systems, eLinks is a multi-purpose communications tool which can be used in most Windows environments.  It manages the safe and accurate transmission of electronic patient data across NHSScotland.

Examples of what eLinks is used for: 

  • Delivering patient critical information via the Emergency Care Summary (ECS) to emergency, out-of-hours and palliative care services.
  • Submitting patient registration and items of service claims to the Practitioner Services Division (PSD) for processing.
  • Managing the transfer of patients’ DocMan (Document Management) files when they move to a new GP practice.
  • Sending laboratory results from SCI Store to GP practices.

The benefits

  • eLinks enables speedy and secure transmission of information which used to take weeks using paper-based systems.
  • It eliminates printing and scanning documents, thereby saving time and money.
  • Emergency and out-of-hours health professionals can access key patient information which was previously unavailable, significantly improving patient safety in clinical decision-making.

eLinks website: http://www.elinksweb.scot.nhs.uk/ (N3 connection required)